Tommy Sheppard | MP for Edinburgh East

Their Scottish Lordships Report 2021

This week I published my 2021 report into the Scottish Lords. The report - titled "Their Scottish Lordships" highlights just how unrepresentative the Scottish member of the Lords are, the widening democratic deficit and the extortionate cost to the public purse.

In its findings the report reveals:

  • A breakdown of party numbers: The Tory party has just 10% of Scottish MPs but make up a staggering 45% of Scottish Lords. Labour holds only one of Scotland's 59 Commons seats, yet the party accounts for 32% of Scotland's peers. And the Lib Dems hold 7% of Scotland's Commons seats, but account for 11% of Scotland's peers.
  • Constitution: Despite 81% of Scottish MPs reflecting a pro-independence voice, not one Scottish Lord has given voice to, or reflected support for, Scotland's right to choose its future.
  • Expenses: In total, the expenses bill of Scotland's 83 peers for the most recent financial year at the time of research (Apr 2019 to Mar 2020) was £2,292,563 - including 139 "away days".
  • Total cost to the tax payer: Each year, taxpayers are forced to stump up over an eye-watering £100 million for the continued existence of the unelected Lords.
  • Hereditary peers: Out of Scotland's 21 hereditary peers, 11 of them (52%) are Conservatives, a further 8 (38%) are crossbenchers and the remaining 2 (10%) are Lib Dems. Of those with party affiliation (that is excluding crossbenchers), a staggering 85% are Tories.
  • Representation: 69% of Scottish Lords are aged 65 or over, only 17% of Scotland's peers are women, and over half (55%) attended a private school.


You can read the report here.