Tommy Sheppard | MP for Edinburgh East

Parliamentary Business The big change for me during February was a change in my role in the SNP Westminster team. I will no longer have a weekly tussle with Jacob Rees-Mogg as I left my role as SNP Shadow Leader of the House. I can’t exactly say I’ll miss those exchanges. My new role is … Read more

Parliamentary Business Before I share some of my activities from January you may remember that parliament was recalled between Christmas and New Year to approve the UK government’s Brexit deal.  In my New Years’ Day column in the Edinburgh Evening News, I was very clear that this is a bad deal – one that will make us poorer … Read more

I’ll keep asking Jacob Rees-Mogg the same question until he actually answers it. This week I also asked about visas for performers, Universal Credit and the impact of Brexit on the fishing industry.

It’s a new year but I’m still trying to get Jacob Rees-Mogg to say whether the UK government will respect the results of the upcoming Scottish election if people in Scotland want to decide their own future. Watch the exchange below:

Lat night the House rightly agreed to suspend Westminster Hall debates (which could only take place in person) and sitting Fridays. I believe we could be doing more to increase remote participation. You can watch my contribution to the debate below:

I had my final attempt of the year at getting Jacob Rees-Mogg to answer a question at today’s Business Questions. You can probably guess how it went. Watch the exchange below:

At this week’s business questions I asked about Brexit and about the right of the people to decide their own future. Answers were thin on the ground. You can watch the exchange here –

Parliamentary Business At the start of the month, the Chancellor finally decided to extend furlough until March. After months of pressure from opposition parties including the SNP, the governments of the devolved nations, and numerous campaign groups, the decision was only made when England faced tougher restrictions. The UK government showing that once again the needs of … Read more

At today’s business questions I asked for a full debate and vote on the decisions announced by the UK government yesterday on public sector pay and overseas aid:

No one is denying the result of the 2014 referendum. But in a democracy people have the right to change their mind. If Jacob Rees-Mogg truly believes what he’s saying then why have we had 3 Westminster elections in the past 5 years?!