Tommy Sheppard | MP for Edinburgh East

My heart went out to Bukayo Saka when he missed that penalty on Sunday. To take the decisive shot and lose a contest which had been so hyped, would be a crushing disappointment for anyone. But, in that moment, I knew this teenager would also be on the receiving end of vicious abuse – not … Read more

The sorry mess that is Brexit trundles on. The British government, having signed an agreement with the EU on Northern Ireland, now asks for it not to be implemented. Relations deteriorate. Meanwhile, the swash-buckling Tory cabinet unveils the first of the new post-EU trade deals global Britain can look forward to. With Australia. It seems … Read more

We need to talk about the horror in Israel/Palestine. We cannot ignore this even if much of our media seems to be doing just that. There is a tragic inevitability to the death and destruction happening on the shores of the Mediterranean. But it is also no accident that it is happening now. Two weeks … Read more

It is now just two weeks until the general election to the Scottish parliament. People always claim that the next election is the most important ever. I don’t know about that, but it’s certainly the most important since the 2014 referendum. Why? For the simple reason that it’s the first time since then that the … Read more

I can get a haircut a week on Monday. Maybe. Hopefully. As we enter the second year of this pandemic, there’s a sense that, if we proceed with caution, the end just might be in sight. With vaccines suppressing infection rates and the number of deaths dropping dramatically, we might just be able to interact … Read more

As regular readers know, I keep a keen watch on what our political opponents are up to. Seeing how the Conservatives present their arguments is critical in determining how best to engage them in the campaign ahead. I do wonder if maybe they do the same thing. I only ask as last month I argued … Read more

Last weekend the SNP recommitted itself to pursuing another referendum on whether Scotland should become an independent self-governing country. The party pledged that, if it gets a majority at the coming Scottish general election, it will ensure people get that choice. The feigned outrage from unionist opponents was a joy to behold. Why are they … Read more