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Tommy Sheppard
22 July 2019
My work for you in Edinburgh East
I know that short-term lets are a big concern for a lot of people in Edinburgh East. Many people have experienced anti-social behaviour from a flat let out for a stag weekend. Many others are feeling the impact that short-term lets are having on the housing market, both buying and renting, as homes are turned into unregulated and lucrative mini-hotels. This is driving up rents and house prices bec...
Tommy Sheppard
18 July 2019
Tommy's Blog
The wait is nearly over. By next week the Tory party will have a new leader. And then they will foist him on the country at large. With most of the votes cast it seems that the clown prince is unstoppable. Barring a miracle Boris Johnson will be our next Prime Minister.And then what?Well, I don’t know any more than the rest of you. But whilst we’re waiting here’s some idle speculation.Johnson will...
Tommy Sheppard
09 July 2019
My work for you in Westminster

Good Morning Scotland discussed the Scottish Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into Problematic Drug Use this morning.

I was interviewed with Adam Tomkins MSP. Listen to the full interview here.


Tommy Sheppard
08 July 2019
Tommy's Blog
Democracy means the right to change your mind. Collectively, people can decide to do something, and if it doesn't work, or they don't like it, they can do something else. That much shouldn't be in doubt for the left - or any democrat. There's no argument in principle against having a second referendum - on anything - if that is what people want.Then again, you can't go changing your mind every wee...